Team Building and Customer Service Training

It is our belief that every member of an organization is an important element to the group's success. Everyone has the opportunity to contribute and we believe that learning occurs best when individuals and teams go beyond their comfort zones.

Impact Golf delivers the most comprehensive golf TEAM BUILDING, SALES and CUSTOMER SERVICE TRAINING through 100% participation. This participation stimulates the individual and paints a picture of what great looks like through accountability and trust.

  • Participate In Activity: Rotate to different stations while focusing on fundamentals
  • Stimulate Through the Activity: Everyone performs the swing
  • Teach the Activity: Instructors are consultants at each station
  • Watch Demonstrations: Ball striking in action
  • View Pictures: What does great look like?
  • Read: Student Workbook

Our Program is a part of a larger process, not just an event. After the session is complete, we help identify what you are doing differently as a result of this program.   How are you turning incites into actions?  We also provide a report of performance to management at the end of the seminar.